Living with Champlain’s vision

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Joe Kowalski – The Explorer

Seeing the world courtesy of the military prior to Wilderness Tours gave me a unique perspective, I have been to the Alps, Himalayas, Andes, the rain forest, jungle, deserts and oceans, only Antarctica remains on his must visit list. From the moment I first pushed off shore, I knew the Ottawa was special. The Rocher-Fendu is an island paradise of waterfalls, natural beaches, spectacular rapids all teeming with wildlife. It is also the last wild section of the most historical river in Canada and needs protection and preservation.

When I was unsuccessful in achieving National Park designation, I had the “dumb” idea to do it myself. Over the years we have place over 5,000 acres in our land trust, a very expensive but necessary “hobby”. We are making progress but there is still more land to protect in the whitewater section. The last pieces are always the most expensive and that is one reason we are selling lots in Voyageur Bay. While pristine and beautiful, Voyageur Bay is downstream of the whitewater section and is not the section of river Champlain would recognize because of the raised water levels from the downstream Chenaux Dam. The second reason is to provide waterfront for the river community. Voyageur Bay is really the last waterfront available for development